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The Soothing Muse

The Soothing Muse
  1. Värmland Morning Raga
  2. Your Breath on Me
  3. Moon over Cap Martin
  4. Freja
  5. Promenade
  6. Odalisque
  7. Picasso on the Lake
  8. An Elven Faun’s Afternoon Raga
  9. Nice Avec Toi
  1. Monsoon
  2. Lie with Me
  3. Sun & Moon

Artistic Mission

Music has always been very dear to me. As a child it was my friend in need, my playmate to have fun with, my teacher and inspiration to find deeper meaning, culture, and a more fair society. And it's always been a close companion. Over the years I've also been an activist: environmental and social. I worked for Greenpeace for many years and as a teen I was very involved in political development and political youth groups. I have always strived towards combining these passions with music, which is a challenge, especially in our growing commercial world.

Someone once said that there is truth in music. So, I am obliged by this fact to offer a few points regarding my position as a musician in this commerce-driven world.

As a musician, first and foremost, I choose to express myself freely. I strive to channel what it is that I hear in my mind, through instruments, to create music that is honest and true to that vision. In this way, do I believe that musicians have found a way to reveal the truth about sadness, joy, adventure, love and one song, one melody or harmonic can trigger those pure feelings.

As an entrepreneur, I am determined to create and demonstrate the idea of linked prosperity. To seek new and creative ways of addressing economic issues while emphasizing a more socially active and responsible way of profiting from business and improving the quality of lives.

As a member of the artists' community, I support other artists because each contributes to the idea of freedom, culture and human development.

Chris' Bio

Chris Zen Chris started playing the guitar, incessantly, in his early teens. Raised in Kristinehamn, Sweden with the weather being, let's say, uneven throughout the year, his grandparents often found him transfixed on his strings in the backyard as the midnight sun dipped into the horizon, unable to tear himself away from the challenge of creating sound.

A couple of years after picking up the guitar, Chris founded a guitar/vocals duo with a friend, which then stretched into a trio with a bassist. The three gained national attention when they were included in a Swedish TV program focusing on people making music in their basements and were enlisted to record for Radio Sweden. Feeling the need to expand his musical knowledge, Brenne applied to the Berklee College of Music and made his first trip to the USA with suitcase and guitar in hand. While he wasn't in the practice rooms at Berklee, he was driving a cab around Boston. Both efforts eventually led to him graduating Berklee Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Film Scoring.

Chris Brenne in Tree As a composer, Brenne is heavily influenced by players such as Ralph McTell, Bert Jansch, and Steve Howe (of course). He has developed a style of acoustic compositions that includes many of the familiar folk idioms, but veers towards enlisting jazz and contemporary qualities, aiming to increase the harmonic palette presented on the acoustic guitar, much in line with what players, like Alex De Grassi, were doing. All I was trying to do was make it possible for me to play all the styles I love in one fell swoop. I wanted to be able to dig into a blues lick and then quickly settle into some un-nameable harmonic progressions, the kinds that have a very open-ended, airy sort of feel, Debussy-ish if you will.

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Guitar for Mindfulness

Live music adds a new dimension to your practice. Chris has developed a style of guitar-playing and composition especially for bodywork accompaniment. As a live, human musician in the studio, creating sound to inspire breath, Chris joins with the students and teacher to create a truly unique experience. Unplugged Yoga Accompaniment can be arranged for classes or conferences. Accompaniment for classes can range from a one-time only special appearance/event for your studio or on a weekly recurring basis.

Please contact Cynthia Mesh at for booking arrangements.

Chris and meditation class. Chris and yoga practitioner. Chris and yoga class.

Yoga teachers say:

"In terms of teaching, it's so nice to be able to see changes in my students that aren't prompted by the sound of my own voice, but encouraged by the music. I know how I felt after having Chris play live for my classes, and with their tremendously positive responses, I saw that my students recognized the difference too. The music lends itself to self-exploration and organic movement and translates into subtle differences in their practice and great differences in their overall outlook."
-Karen Fabian, City Centered Yoga, A D'ana Baptiste Studio

"Chris's flowing music and quiet presence brought a calmness to my yoga classes. The students turned more inward and discovered a deeper meaning of the practice of yoga. I have never seen them so relaxed!"
-Juli Ames-Curtis, RYT-Yoga Alliance

"Chris Brenne is not only a phenomenal musician, but also a wonderful presence to have in a yoga class. His music flows through the yoga practice like a sweet companion to the breath. It is almost as if Chris could intuit where the practice was headed next and lead us into the grace of the sequences with the waves of his melodies. Across the board, all of the students who experienced Chris' music were blown away and honored to practice yoga with his accompaniment."
- River Morgan, RYT, Aspen, CO.


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